Happy-Go-Lucky was founded in 2003 by two young talents: Stina Koistinen (vocalist, lyricist) and Tapio Backlund (composer/producer). By combining the mascular strength and the soulful female curves they've created a unique sound of their own. Bringing together the blue Finnish views and the worldwide colours, blending the styles from funky jazz to trippy hip hop beats with extremely foxy pop melodies they shall certainly funk you up.

Happy-Go-Lucky has received a warm welcome by the media: YleX nominated their debut "CD of the Week" and their debut Fellow was also "en av veckans tre stora" in RadioX3 and "CD of the month" in electronica kategory in Their first released titles Easy For A Day and Toothbrush were featured on Helsinki Cooler vol. 2 compilation, which is available for purchase at the releases-section. Cymbidium Records is also happy to present their first full length album called Fellow.

Band members:
Stina Koistinen: vocals
Tapio Backlund: programming, bass, trumpet
Tuomas Vapaavuori: keyboards
Elias Raninen: guitars
Tuukka Heikkinen: drums

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