Palms On Hips is Helsinki-born composer, producer and sound designer Jukka Hannukainen (aka Flux, ALInEN and the Electronics Assistant) collaborating with various vocalists and musicians to create a wide palette of contemporary rhythm music. Palms On Hips has its basis on house and techno, but moves without effort into other sonic territories as well, depending on the track in question. You´ll find dashes of IDM, breaks, jazz, D&B, dub- and 2step, electro, downtempo, experimental electronics, soundtracks and classical symphonic orchestra arrangements in the music of Palms On Hips.

The project was originally born at the turn of the century, when Jukka was still a member of the now legendary Helsinki-based dub/house outfit Tracey. He was doing keyboards and programming for group and simultaneously got very much into the house sound of the era. The band split up in 2000, but Jukka had already started to produce tracks, which would soon evolve into Palms On Hips. Although Palms On Hips has always been very much about the electronic side of rhythm music Jukka, being a guitarist and a drummer from a background as a musician, likes to keep the organic way of doing things onboard as well - hence the several appearances of guests ranging from vocalists to percussionists on the tracks of Palms On Hips.

Cymbidium Records is proud to present the debut album Eclecticism, which gives you the story of Palms On Hips up to 2009. The name of the album is the style the music has been produced in: blending anything and everything, to create stimulating tracks both for the floor and for the brain. On some tracks the musical ideas date back to the early dawn of Palms On Hips, some show you the more "microhouse/minimal techno"-side of the more recent productions. It all blends into a custom electronic sound. The Sound Of Palms On Hips.