The Finnish native Lauri Saine keeps shaping his sound signature forward. His first encounters with music production date back to 1995, the internet was about to bloom and there was no turning back. After the turn of the millennia, Saine released most of his hip-hop/jazz influenced tracks on the now-legendary Tokyo Dawn. Since then the 27-year-old musician has launched two solo albums on Cymbidium, a self-released EP (free download here) and finally his third long player Long Time No See.

The music on this release is created during 2009/2010 using a diverse selection of ingredients, from mangling broken c-cassette decks to YouTube-sampling. With eight rock-solid instrumentals, maneuvering effortlessly between sampled and recorded sounds until you can’t tell which is which, Long Time No See is perhaps Saine’s most versatile work yet. Surgical precision and spontaneous experimentation meet as if they had never been apart. The album is now available digitally and as a limited edition vinyl.

Break A Pattern   Long Time No See