Original Helsinki-based Morroccan vocalist/producer/songwriter Hossni has been mixing it up on all fronts for 20 years. He has attracted accolades for his style of Arabic hiphop. Hossni has appeared at internationally prestigious festivals such as Roskilde and opened for bands Asian Dub Foundation, Cheb Khaled, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins. He has also MC'd with a lot of the DJ's passing through Helsinki, like Alex Patterson of The Orb as well as the top Helsinki-based DJ's such as Anna S & Kasio, Borzin, etc.

Currently, in addition to Giant Robot, Beats & Styles and Fat Beat, Hossni works on the Arabic R&B/reggae/hip-hop fusion of Abdul’s Band, making one world out of many with the power of crazy science. The newly released double album blends different musical influences into one unity. It is produced by DJ God Wind, Sige Joonas Shigeki Tamura, musician, composer & arranger, sound designer & engineer. Now available both digitally and as a special digipack double CD.

Other band members:
Sige Joonas Shigeki Tamura: bass, guitar, keyboards, programming
Juho Pääkkönen: acoustic drums
Rasmus Pailos: acoustic percussions
Niila Ingerö: 5-string bass
Tuomas Vapaavuori: keyboards
Kalevi Louhivuori: trumpet
Meri Coco and Saharaja: female vocals
Ville Iisakki Pystynen and Tuomas Tetsu Munch: programming