CYM013, released Nov 17, 2010

Go sustainable with timeless sounds

Sustainable Sounds showcases the best of Finnish electronic vibes and banging beats.

Besides putting great Finnish alternative music out there, the unique package highlights some core values this project holds: sustainability, value of music and new ways to present design and music. Available directly from Costo Webstore (Worldwide) and from well equipped record stores in Finland.

Sustainable Sounds is an innovative "music meets design" project by three Helsinki based companies:

COSTO - A design company Costo using only recycled materials on their products. Best known for their funky bobble hats and cool collaborations.

CYMBIDIUM RECORDS - A boutique record label focusing on timeless electronic music. Best known by their "Helsinki Cooler" compilations.

FRESH TUNES FINLAND - A 21st century music agency. A new music company with a fresh attitude and innovative ways to use/distribute/manage/love music.

Release date 17.11.2010. More information:

Mastered by Sami Arola at Adamantium Studios.

Distribution in Finland: Supersounds.